We can supply you with bags whenever an advertising campaign is allocated to one of your stores.


Our loyalty scheme, launching in 2019, will help to drive footfall to your stores and increase sales.

improve customer experience

Exclusive deals, jokes and riddles will feature on our bags in circulation through the use of more environmentally friendly material. Work with us to make this a reality!

Environmental contribution

We aim to reduce the number of single use plastic bags in circulation through the use of a more environmentally friendly material. Work with us to help make this a reality!

Join an exclusive network - Bagboard Partners Ltd

We select the best 20% of independent retailers in London to work with us. As this is just the beginning, we need your support and patience to help build something special. 

Benefit from our revenue share scheme

We are introducing a revenue share scheme for our valued Retail Partners. Sign up now and benefit from our joint success.

If you're interested in distributing our bags download the app and get started today!

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How much will it cost me?

The bags are completely free, funded by advertising sales. You will never pay us a penny.

What adverts will be on the bags?

We will never advertise anything on your bags that is illegal, offensive or at all inappropriate. When signing up on our app you will be able to tell us if there are any other specifications you would like us to stick by.

Are they waterproof?

These bags are waterproof.

Can I opt out of campaigns?

Yes. We provide options to opt out of certain campaigns when you register via the App. You can opt out at any point.

When will I get the bags?

We want to supply you with bags as often as possible. However, we can only supply you when we have the demand from advertisers and this may take time to build. We appreciate your patience during this phase.

How much weight can the bags hold?

We have a Manufacturer guarantee of 12kg which is the same as 7 bottles of wine! 

Do they come in different sizes?

At present, we have two sizes of bag - small and medium.

Can I advertise on the bags?

Our bags are funded by advertising, which allows us to deliver them to you for free. You are more than welcome to advertise with us. We would be happy to share our rates card and package options with you.

Can I still use my own bags?

Of course! We are happy for you to use your own bags. All that we ask is that if you want to sign up, you can accept our bag deliveries when they arrive.